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The Space Research Center (SPARC) is an after school activity of the Magnet School and NEHS. The Space Research Center was built and Project SPARC began in the early 1960s.  The SPARC demonstration facilities include a 21 foot mock-up of a Shuttle Orbiter. an Apollo training capsule provided by NASA, eight mission control consoles, a graphics and visualization training center and a robotics laboratory.The mission of SPARC is to promote the development of leaders dedicated to the extension of mankind’s grasp beyond that of planet Earth by educating students with interest in the medical fields, computer sciences, electronics, engineering, flight management, and robotics.

In 2014, Project SPARC began a mission to establish a permanent colony on the moon.  The mission involved two separate launches.  We first launched an Ares I rocket carrying supplies followed by a Delta IV rocket carrying four astronauts.  We successfully completed the first phase of our mission along with the support of our alumni and our community.  

The 2014 mission saw the return of Dr. Robert A. G. Montgomery, the original founder of Project SPARC! This year’s mission also inspired the creation of the Project SPARC Boosters, a committee dedicated to the support of Project SPARC.


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