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Public Transportation to Northeast High School

Transpasses are distributed during every lunch period as follows:
Monday9th graders and 12th graders
Tuesday10th graders and 11th graders
Friday:  Transpasses distributed to students that were absent on Monday and Tuesday.

LOST OR STOLEN Transpasses will not be replaced!

*Holidays that fall on Monday or Tuesday: students must listen for announcements stating when the transpasses will be distributed.

Transpass Eligibility, Registration, and Updates:

Northeast High School does not determine a student’s transpass eligibility. Students are determined eligible or ineligible by the School District of Philadelphia’s Transportation Department. Once a student is determined eligible their name will be added to the eligibility list. The School District of Philadelphia’s Transportation Department then sends an updated eligibility list to Northeast High School. Students on the eligibility list are then able to receive transpasses during their lunch period on the designated distribution days. Your child may request to be added to the eligibility list during their lunch period at the Transpass window located in the rear of the cafeteria. If your child has already filled out paperwork to be added and have not be added to the eligibility list you may contact the Transportation Fiscal Department at (215) 400 – 4000 to state your concerns.

Thank you,

Byron K. Ryan, Assistant Principal

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